§ 1. General Terms and Conditions

1. The following Terms and Conditions regulate conclusion of distance contracts by the means of internet, order placing, execution as well as complains and returns of acquired products.

2. Usage of webbay.pl and its offers, means acceptance of its Terms and Conditions.

3. Owner and manager of the internet shop under the address: www.webbay.pl is Daniel Domżalski and his registered company:


Based in Olsztyn

ul. Maczka 26 / 44

NIP:  9840186945

REGON: 369826783

4. The main provision and subject of the following Terms and Conditions is sale of products specified on the web page: www.webbay.pl and electronic communication between parties.

5. None of the functionalities of shop webbay.pl can be used in any means which would result in a breach of the current law.

Terms and Conditions use the following terminology:

Terms and Conditions (T&C) –present T&C of webbay.pl

Shop –Internet platform under the address of webbay.pl allowing acquisition of licence/s for software offered within i.e. templates, services, modules, modifications and E-commerce software. 

6. Any individual who is not disqualified by statute, A person who buys goods in the usual manner from a person in the business of selling such goods and who does so in good faith and without knowledge that the sale violates another person’s ownership rights or security interest in the goods. Such a buyer will have good title to the item purchased. An individual or organisation who has registered on the webpage.

Licensee (buyer), whom has acquired a licence for a software offered within webbay.pl 

Registration – process of creating an account on the webbay.pl

Usage of websites functions requires access to suitable device with internet connection and an internet browser.

§ 2 Rules of acquiring licenses and completion of orders. 

1. Making purchases is available after the registration. 

2. Registering with the shop, equals accepting Terms and Conditions in force in time of registration.

3. During the registration user can agree to receive marketing information to the email provided during the registration, in line with the law of providing services digitally.

4. Prices within the shop are shown in Polish Zloty and Euro, net and gross including the VAT according to current law.

5. To make a purchase, select a chosen product and “add it to cart”, then choose an option “Add do cart”.

6. Orders can be placed 24 hours, 7 days a week, all year round. Orders are received by the web page webbay.pl

7. Purchasing a license for a software or other goods in digital form, such will be send to a user-provided email.

8. Payment for chosen product must be completed in a form of traditional bank transfer or via Dotpay.pl, in accordance with Terms and Condition of the latter service.

9. Completion of order is initiated once the operator receives a payment in up to 7 working days (in most cases shipment will be initiated automatically soon after receiving a payment).

10. In case if a payment is not received within 14 days after making a purchase, webbay.pl reserves the right to automatically cancel the order.

11. Each order receives a VAT Invoice.

§3 License and Copyright 

1. Operator declares, that webbay.pl owes al the necessary rights and copyrights to distribute software offered on webbay.pl

2. Producer of the software offered within the shop is the operator, unless software’s description states otherwise. 

3. Purchased software license, module or template is inalienable, and can be used only at one domain (www) without any time restrictions. Each purchased license is another individual right to use the same software on a different domain (www).


4. Any Autor’s Economic Rights to photographs and all texts placed on the internet shop webbay.pl, belong to the service. Upon making a purchase within the service, Autor’s Economic Rights to photographs and all texts do not extend to the buyer.

5. Usage of materials, including photographs and texts placed within the webpage www.webbay.pl without the author’s or copyright owner’s permission, for purposes not related to webbay.pl is a violation of copyright, even if it doesn’t grant any material gain. 

§4 Returns

1. In accordance with the European Law, digital orders are lawfully final and cannot be returned. Optional returns must be treated as exceptions and must be justified.


2. Return is completed by a written request by the buyer to the operator’s address. 

3. Operator will make a refund to the buyer within 14 working days from receiving a request to refund.

§ 5 Privacy Law

1. Personally identifiable information provided during the registration will be used by the operator in accordance with the shop’s services, to fulfil justified legal requirements, and especially in marketing and profiling related to offered products and services.

2. By registering to the service user agrees to use and process Personally identifiable information by the administrator of date of Webbay.pl Daniel Domżalski, Maczka 26 / 44, Olsztyn. Personal data will be processed in order to provide services to fulfil justified legal requirements, and especially in marketing and profiling related to offered products and services.

3. After the registration each client has a right to access and edit personal data, changed can be made in User Profile. Data can be deleted from the database after an email request to: contact@webbay.pl Personal data is stored and secured in accordance with the following laws:

Ustawa z dnia 29.08.1997 r. o ochronie danych osobowych (tekst jednolity Dz. U. Nr 101 z 2002 r. poz. 926, z późn. zm.)

Ustawa z dnia 18.07.2002 r. o świadczeniu usług drogą elektroniczną (Dz. U. Nr 144, poz. 1204 z późn. zm.)

Rozporządzenie z dnia 29.04.2004 r. Ministra Spraw Wewnętrznych i Administracji w sprawie dokumentacji przetwarzania danych osobowych oraz warunków technicznych i organizacyjnych, jakim powinny odpowiadać urządzenia i systemy informatyczne, służące do przetwarzania danych osobowych (Dz. U. Nr 100, poz. 1024)

§ 6 Final Provisions

1. Buyer obliges to securing login and password to the shop, and not to share it with any third persons.

2. Operator is not responsible for any damages caused by disclosure of login data or any damages caused by harmful software to user’s devices.

3. Complains related to shop’s functionality as well as purchased software should by send to operator’s address.

4. Complains will be reviewed immediately after receiving, up to 14 working days.

5. User can request to delete personal account on webbay.pl by contacting the administrator on contact@webbay.pl. 

6. Terms and Condition can be changed due to implementation of new functions or change of current state law. User will be notified of such change on the website. Next log in onto the page will result in acceptance of the changes in Terms and Conditions.

7. In matters not covered by these regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code and other relevant legal provisions shall apply.